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Session 1: Cold Snap

cold iron longsword (given to RPZip)
mwk longsword (given to Suzera)
Lady Argentea’s signet ring is still inside, as are a pair of earrings worth 25 gp, a set of pearl-inlaid bracelets worth 90 gp, assorted gold and silver necklaces worth a total of 75 gp, and one sapphire pendant worth 50 gp.
3 courtier’s outfits (90 gp, 1 to Erika)
five sets of leather armor,
three sets of studded leather armor, a masterwork chain
shirt (to Suzera), two light wooden shields, seven longswords (1 to RPZip), two
spears, a masterwork dagger (to Erika), and three light crossbows with a total of 25 bolts.
42 gp

Session 2: Death In Winter

everyone levels up to level 2 (half + 1 for hp)

They include a composite longbow (+1 Str) with 12 arrows;
a dagger; a masterwork handaxe; and a pouch containing
14 gp, 25 sp, and 18 cp
12x padded armor, buckler, short sword, shortbow
with 20 arrows, 8 gp, 5 sp
Wand of cure light wounds (1 charge remaining)
20 gp
bearskin rug
greenblood oil (1), oil of taggit (2); Other Gear mwk studded leather,
dagger, light crossbow with 10 bolts, mwk short sword,
cloak of the yeti (see page 60), mwk thieves’ tools, ring of
keys (key to trap door in area H7, chest in H11, and cage
in area H16), stolen spellbook (contains alarm, chill touch, expeditious retreat, feather fall, identify, locate object, and ray
of enfeeblement), wooden unholy symbol of Norgorber, 15 gp
The chest currently holds a gold ingot engraved
with the Taldan royal seal (worth 50 gp), a spyglass stolen
from a captain out of Cassomir, a silver lady’s ring (worth
25 gp), three shards of tiger’s eye gemstones taken from a
Qadiran merchant (worth 10 gp each), a fine pair of leather
riding boots of elven make (worth 15 gp), a silver dagger
a leather portfolio containing several pieces of parchment,
including a scroll of endure elements, two scrolls of magic
weapon, and a scroll of unseen servant.
a potion of lesser restoration
Rohkar has hidden three scrolls of lesser animate
deadUM (2 HD) in this storeroom, as well as 2
more doses of greenblood oil and a small
lockbox containing 25 pp, 150 gp, 180
sp, and a blue quartz “ice diamond” from Irrisen worth 100 gp that he
took from Vrixx. Rohkar has also
stockpiled three oils of magic weapon
and 10 flasks of alchemist’s fire.

Treasure Update
For Sessions 1 & 2

240 gp in jewelry
60 gp in courtier’s outfits
15 gp in leather armour
37.5 in studded leather armour
3 gp in shields
45 gp in longswords
2 gp in spears
52.5 gp in light crossbows
=455 gp in treasure from the first session

100 gp in composite longbows
2 gp in daggers
153 gp in mwk handaxe
30 gp in padded armour
30 gp in bucklers
60 gp in shortswords
180 gp in shortbows
17.5 gp in light crossbows
87.5 gp in mwk studded leather
50 gp gold ingot
500 gp for the spyglass
170 gp in art objects
562.5 gp for the scrolls of animate dead
12.5 gp for the scroll of endure elements
12.5 gp for the scroll of magic weapon
=1967.5 gp in treasure from the second session
571 gp, 5 sp, 18 cp in loose gold

500 gp reward from the rescued noblewoman

Party coffers: 455+1967.5+571+500-750-5=2738.5

TOTAL COIN ON HAND: 2739 gp, 18 cp

cold iron longsword (to RPZip)
mwk longsword (to Suzera)
courtier’s outfit (to Yulia)
mwk chain shirt (to Suzera)
longsword (to RPZip)
mwk dagger (to Yulia)
light crossbow (to Yulia)
3 greenblood oil, oil of taggit x2 (party common)
bearskin rug (to Yulia)
mwk short sword (to DGQ)
cloak of the yeti (to DGQ)
mwk thieves’ tools (to DGQ)
stolen spellbook (containing alarm, chill touch, expeditious retreat, feather fall, identify, locate object, and ray of enfeeblement) (to Yulia)
scroll of unseen servant (to Yulia)
potion of lesser restoration (party common)
3 oils of magic weapon (party common)
10 flasks of alchemist’s fire (party common)
light mace (to DGQ)
wand of cure light wounds (to Yulia)

Session 4: The Igloos of Misery


magic spear (spear of manhunting) (to RPZip)
small mirror (to party common)
48 gp
4 potions of feather step (to party common)
four blue quartz “ice diamonds” from Irrisen worth 100 gp each (liquidate)
a silver diadem worth 300 gp (liquidate)
a near flawless diamond worth 500 gp (liquidate)
a jeweled necklace worth 400 gp (liquidate)
a painting of Whitethrone worth 100 gp to an art collector (liquidate)
three sapphire rings worth 75 gp each (liquidate)
a decorative filigree longsword scabbard worth 125 gp (liquidate)
a small scrimshaw sculpture of dancing sprites surrounding a piping satyr worth 50 gp (liquidate)
2,457 gp, 3,313 sp, and 1,760 cp.

GOLD UPDATE: 2739+48+(4*100)+300+500+400+100+(3*75)+125+2457+331.3 =7625.3
COPPER UPDATE: 18+1760=1778

TOTAL COIN ON HAND: 7643 gp, 8 cp

beard hair from a frost giant (key to baba yaga’s hut)
plague doctor’s mask (key to baba yaga’s hut)

small mirror
4 potions of feather step
3 greenblood oil
2 oils of taggit
potion of lesser restoration
2 oils of magic weapon
8 flasks of alchemist’s fire


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