Reign of Winter

Treasure Update

For Sessions 1 & 2

240 gp in jewelry
60 gp in courtier’s outfits
15 gp in leather armour
37.5 in studded leather armour
3 gp in shields
45 gp in longswords
2 gp in spears
52.5 gp in light crossbows
=455 gp in treasure from the first session

100 gp in composite longbows
2 gp in daggers
153 gp in mwk handaxe
30 gp in padded armour
30 gp in bucklers
60 gp in shortswords
180 gp in shortbows
17.5 gp in light crossbows
87.5 gp in mwk studded leather
50 gp gold ingot
500 gp for the spyglass
170 gp in art objects
562.5 gp for the scrolls of animate dead
12.5 gp for the scroll of endure elements
12.5 gp for the scroll of magic weapon
=1967.5 gp in treasure from the second session
571 gp, 5 sp, 18 cp in loose gold

500 gp reward from the rescued noblewoman

Party coffers: 455+1967.5+571+500-750-5=2738.5

TOTAL COIN ON HAND: 2739 gp, 18 cp

cold iron longsword (to RPZip)
mwk longsword (to Suzera)
courtier’s outfit (to Yulia)
mwk chain shirt (to Suzera)
longsword (to RPZip)
mwk dagger (to Yulia)
light crossbow (to Yulia)
3 greenblood oil, oil of taggit x2 (party common)
bearskin rug (to Yulia)
mwk short sword (to DGQ)
cloak of the yeti (to DGQ)
mwk thieves’ tools (to DGQ)
stolen spellbook (containing alarm, chill touch, expeditious retreat, feather fall, identify, locate object, and ray of enfeeblement) (to Yulia)
scroll of unseen servant (to Yulia)
potion of lesser restoration (party common)
3 oils of magic weapon (party common)
10 flasks of alchemist’s fire (party common)
light mace (to DGQ)
wand of cure light wounds (to Yulia)



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