Reign of Winter

Session 1: Cold Snap

cold iron longsword (given to RPZip)
mwk longsword (given to Suzera)
Lady Argentea’s signet ring is still inside, as are a pair of earrings worth 25 gp, a set of pearl-inlaid bracelets worth 90 gp, assorted gold and silver necklaces worth a total of 75 gp, and one sapphire pendant worth 50 gp.
3 courtier’s outfits (90 gp, 1 to Erika)
five sets of leather armor,
three sets of studded leather armor, a masterwork chain
shirt (to Suzera), two light wooden shields, seven longswords (1 to RPZip), two
spears, a masterwork dagger (to Erika), and three light crossbows with a total of 25 bolts.
42 gp



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